Monday, July 4, 2022

Presidente sang South Korea, nagpalab-ot sang pakig-unong sa mga himata sang mga nagkalamatay bangud sa Bagyo Agaton

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Nagpalab-ot sang pakig-unong si South Korean President Moon Jae-in sa himata sang mga nagkalamatay bangud sa pagwaswas sang Bagyo Agaton.

 “On behalf of the Korean Government and people, I express condolences to the bereaved family in great sorrow and pain. My heart is also with those who have been displaced and lost their homes due to the unexpected disaster as well as with the people of the Philippines sharing the grief.

I hope that the search for survivors and recovery work will proceed smoothly under your leadership so that the people of the Philippines can swiftly return to their peaceful life,” base sa Twitter post ni Moon.

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Mahibaluan nga nagdangat na sa 212 ka mga persona ang napatay samtang 132 sa gihapon ang missing.

Samtang, magluwas sa presidente sang South Korea, nagpalab-ot man sang pakig-unong si Pope Francis kag Chinese President Xi Jinping sa diin magadonar sang ₱10 million ang Chinese government sa Pilipinas para sa relief operations.

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Quin Gomer Dellera
Quin Gomer Dellera
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