Thursday, December 8, 2022

Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC) VI Emergency Operations Center Updates

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(As of 5:00 AM, October 30, 2022)


I. Casualties – 7 confirmed deaths, 2 missing (based on MDM Report 2 of DILG VI)

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1. 28 y/o Male- due to flashflood in Brgy. San Roque, Tapaz, Capiz

2. 25 y/o Female- carried away by strong current of flood in Brgy. Guibongon, Bayunan, San Joaquin, Iloilo

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3. 57 y/o Male- drowning and suffocation in mud- Brgy. Dalagsaan, Libacao, Aklan

4. 52 y/o Male- – drowning and suffocation in mud- Brgy. Loctuga, Libacao, Aklan

5. 40 y/o Male- drowning- Brgy. Loctuga, Libacao, Aklan

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6. 28 y/o Female- drowning and suffocation in mud- Brgy. Loctuga, Libacao, Aklan

7. 31 y/o Male- drowning and suffocation in mud- Brgy. Loctuga, Libacao, Aklan


1. 29 y/o Female – in Brgy. Alimono, Passi City, Iloilo (with LGU report)

2. 60 y/o Male- Sitio Omlit, Libacao, Aklan (with MLGOO special report)

II. Affected Population (Source: DROMIC Report No. 6 of DSWD VI as of 8PM, October 29, 2022)

A. Province of Aklan

10 municipalities with 88 barangays, 34,612 families, and 125,053 persons

B. Province of Antique

15 municipalities with143 barangays, 7,567 families, and 29,814 persons

C. Province of Capiz

16 municipalities with 186 barangays, 54,230 families, and 207,568 persons

D. Province of Guimaras

2 municipalities with 6 barangays, 53 families, 202 persons

E. Province of Iloilo and Iloilo City

29 municipalities and HUC of Iloilo City with 336 barangays, 41,857 families, 164, 128 persons

F. Negros Occidental and Bacolod City

18 municipalities and HUC of Bacolod City with 100 barangays, 7, 424 families, 32,084 persons

GRAND TOTAL: 881 barangays, 145,743 families, 558,849 persons

III. Displaced Families Inside and Outside Evacuation Centers

A total of 553 evacuation centers are currently open in Western Visayas

Inside Evacuation Center:

Aklan- 2,266 families, 8,206 persons

Antique-3,059 families, 10,438 persons

Capiz-1,775 families, 6,118 persons

Guimaras- 5 families, 14 persons

Iloilo Province-3,806 families, 13,623 persons

Negros Occidental- 3,765 families, 16,932 persons

TOTAL: 14,676 families composed of 55,331 persons

Outside Evacuation Center:

Aklan- 2,739 families, 9,628 persons

Antique- 1,162 families, 4,794 persons

Capiz- 15,821 families, 77,336 persons

Guimaras- 20 families, 71 persons

Iloilo- 5,649 families, 17,607 persons

Negros Occidental- 902 families, 4,359 persons

TOTAL: 26,293 families, 113,795 persons

IV. Flooded Areas (source: Situational Reports of PDRRMOs)

Aklan- 11 barangays

Antique- 23 barangays

Capiz- 132 barangays (34 barangays subsided)

Negros Occidental – 6 barangays

Total- 173 barangays

V. Landslide Incidents

Aklan- 3 barangays

Antique-1 barangay

Negros Occidental- 4 barangays

Total- 8 barangays

VI. Status of Roads and Bridges

Aklan- 2 roads (not passable)

Antique- 1 road and 2 bridges (not passable)

Capiz- 40 roads and 1 bridge (not passable)

Iloilo- 1 bridge (not passable)

Negros Occidental- 10 roads (not passable)

VII. Damage to Agriculture (source: DA VI report)

1.6 metric tons of crops with estimated cost of P33.5 M

VIII. Areas declared under State of Calamity

Tapaz, Capiz- Resolution No. 22-42 s.2022

Province of Aklan – Resolution No. 2022-214

IX. Damaged Houses (validated by DSWD VI)

Aklan- 1 partially damaged, 7 totally damaged

Antique- 2 totally damged

Capiz- 300 partially damaged, 7 totally damaged

Iloilo Province and Iloilo City- 22 partially damaged, 8 totally damaged

Negros Occidental- 5 partially damaged, 3 totally damaged

TOTAL- 355 damaged houses: 328 partially, 27 totally

X. Assistance Provided by DSWD VI

P10.46 worth of family food packs to the provinces of Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Iloilo, and Negros Occidental

XI. Operational Ports (previously non-operational due to TCWS)

Aklan- 1 (awaiting advisory)

Capiz- 1 (awaiting advisory)

Iloilo- 3 (awaiting advisory)

Negros Occidental- resumed trips as of 11PM, October 29, 2022

Antique- 3 (awaiting advisory)

XII. Status of Stranded Passengers and Rolling Cargoes (as of 05:00 PM, October 29, 2022)

Stranded Passengers

Iloilo- 530

Neg Occ. – 496

Aklan – 68

Antique – NIL

Capiz – NIL

Guimaras -NIL

TOTAL- 1,094

Stranded Rolling Cargoes

Iloilo- 122

Neg. Occ – 231

Aklan – 40

Antique – NIL

Capiz – NIL

Guimaras -NIL

TOTAL- 393 stranded rolling cargoes

XIII. Activated EPR Protocols

Aklan- Charlie Protocol (high risk)

Antique- Charlie Protocol (high risk)

Capiz- Charlie Protocol (high risk)

Guimaras- Charlie Protocol (high risk)

Iloilo- Charlie Protocol (high risk)

Negros Occidental- Charlie Protocol (high risk)

Bacolod City- Charlie Protocol (high risk)

Iloilo City- Standby Protocol (no to very low risk)

XIV. Actions Taken of RDRRMC VI EOC

-Activated RED Alert Status and Charlie Protocol

-In close coordination with local DRRM offices

-Conducted PDRA core group and analyst group meetings

-Set-up of virtual EOC with RDRRMC VI member agencies and P/C DRRMCs

-Drafted Situational Report No. 2 (for review and approval of NDRRMC)

-Activated Clusters on FNFI/CCCM/Protection, Search, Rescue and Retrieval, Law and Order, Health, and Emergency Telecommunications.

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