Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Imported Garlic, ginabaligya sa mas barato kumparar sa lokal nga produkto, suno sa Department of Agriculture

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Mas manubo nga presyo ang baligyaanay sa imported nga ahos sa mga merkado kumparar sa locally harvested bulbs, suno sa Department of Agriculture (DA).

Base sa market monitoring, mas ginapili sang mga manugbakal ang imported nga ahos nga ginabaligya sa presyo nga ₱80 kada kilo, samtang ₱300 naman ang kada kilo sang lokal nga ahos.

“Based on recent market monitoring, more garlic users prefer imported bulbs, which are sold at P80 per kilo, rather than the locally produced garlic sold at P300 per kilo,” base sa statement sang DA.

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Sa latest price watch naman, 13 ka mga wet markets sa Metro Manila nga ang retail price sang imported garlic ang nagadangat sa ₱100 tubtob ₱130.

“The wide price deficit has forced buyers to shop for the variety sourced from other garlic-producing countries,” suno sa DA.

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Karen Badilla
Karen Badilla
Karen might be new in the news landscape of Iloilo but she's certainly a pro. Before joining forces with Radyo Bandero Iloilo news team, she served as one of the reporters/anchorwoman/news writers of a radio station in Bacolod City. With more than 3 years of broadcast experience under her sleeve, Karen is a total package ready to serve and deliver nothing but reliable information to the people of Iloilo.

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