Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Mount Bulusan, balik na sa normal suno sa PHIVOLCS

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Balik “normal na ang Mouth Bulusan, base sa bulletin sang Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

Suno sa ahensya, ginpanubo na nila sa Alert Level 0 ang alert status sang bulkan bangud sa “general decline” sang mga ginabantayan kaangay sang volcanic earthquake activity, ground deformation, gas emission, kag visual observation sang summit sini.

Nadumduman nga sadtong Oktubre tuig 2022 sang gin-paidalum ang bulkan sa Alert Level 1 ukon “abnormal” matapos narekord ang 120 ka linog. Samtang sadtong Disyembre sang tinalikdan man nga tuig, sang nagnubo naman sa 0 gikan sa lima ang numero nga narekord nga volcanic earthquakes.

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“This decline indicates that rock fracturing within the volcano associated with hydrothermal activity has diminished,” suno sa ahensya.

Wala naman sang “pressurization” gikan sa subsurface volcanic sources, suno sa overall ground deformation data, kag manubo naman ang emission sang sulfur dioxide.

“Volcanic gas input from the shallow hydrothermal system has generally remained within baseline level. On the other hand, most monitored springs have been exhibiting overall slight increases in acidity and decreases in temperature and diffuse carbon dioxide, but generally do not indicate input from deep magma sources.” dugang pa sang PHIVOLCS.

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Apang, naga-abiso sa gihapon ang ahensya sa publiko nga magpalayo sa 4-kilometer radium permanent danger zone kag likawan sang mga eroplano nga maglupad malapit sa Bulusan.

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Karen Badilla
Karen Badilla
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