Thursday, February 9, 2023

Roy Mabasa, nagpungko bilang bag-o nga host sang program sang iya utod nga ginpatay nga si Percy Lapid

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Nagpungko bilang bag-o nga host sang “Lapid Fire” si Roy Mabasa.

Nahibaluan nga ang nasambit nga programa ang iya sang utod ni Roy nga si Percival Mabasa ukon mas kilala bilang Percy Lapid.

Ang una nga episode ang gin-ere kahapon nga adlaw, Disyembre 7.

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Gin-anunsyo ni Mabasa nga ang programa ang regular nga mabatian Lunes tubtob Biernes nga adlaw, sumugod las-10:00 sang gab-i tubtob las-11:30 sang gab-i.

Suno kay Mabasa, dako nga transition para sa iya ang paghost sa programa sang iya utod nga ginpatay.

“I’m honored and proud to continue my brother’s program, ‘Lapid Fire.’ It’s a big transition for me as a journalist, from print to radio, from covering the diplomatic beat to tackling broad political and social issues,” suno kay Mabasa.

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Padayunon man sini ang brand sang iya utod bilang “fearless”.

“I will not be filling Ka Percy’s shoes as nobody could. But I will do my best to continue his legacy of fearless truth-telling, with support from Percy’s family, friends and listeners.”

Nahibaluan nga gintiro-patay si Percy Lapid sadtong bulan sang Oktubre sa diin gina-alegar nga mastermind si suspended Bureau of Corrections chief Gen. Gerald Bantag bangud sa mga makahang nga komentaryo sang brodkaster batok sa iya.

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Karen Badilla
Karen Badilla
Karen might be new in the news landscape of Iloilo but she's certainly a pro. Before joining forces with Radyo Bandero Iloilo news team, she served as one of the reporters/anchorwoman/news writers of a radio station in Bacolod City. With more than 3 years of broadcast experience under her sleeve, Karen is a total package ready to serve and deliver nothing but reliable information to the people of Iloilo.

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